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    • By Shadowstorm
      The game has several ways of trading between players:
      Direct exchange using the /trade command or corresponding action in "Actions" tab. Putting an item for sale / purchase using corresponding actions in "Actions" tab. Putting items for sale / purchase in a trading shop. Direct exchange is allowed anywhere, but can only be made between characters of the same race.

      Putting an item for sale / purchase using appropriate actions is allowed everywhere except for the trading zone. This method has very few slots for trading and their number cannot be increased in any way.

      Putting items for sale / purchase in a trading shop is allowed only in the trading zone (Market town). Both sales and purchases in the trading zone are taxed, but there are much more trading slots in the shop, there is a possibility of automatic advertising, and also it is possible to leave the shop to trade even when the character is offline and increase the number of trading slots. The charged percentage of tax can be reduced by learning a skill in the social system.

      The trading zone is a special peaceful zone accessible to characters of ALL races.

      Mercenary Guild
      You can find a Mercenary Guild Manager in any town in the world of Thorne. This organisation has spread its tentacles everywhere. If you want to earn extra money - contact them.

      Mercenary Guild gives random repeatable contracts. For each fulfilled contract, in addition to reward in gold, SP and gold of the Mercenary Guild (MGG), the player will also receive a Mercenary Guild Reputation, which will allow him to advance in rank, gaining access to higher-level contracts. The higher the risk, the higher the reward.

      For the Mercenary Guild Gold, you can purchase many useful things, for example, ingredients for Alchemy and Inscription, Permission of the master for the last slot of sub-professions.

      Guild rules are very simple:

      • Contracts are provided randomly, the only thing you can choose is the level (Mercenary, Experienced mercenary, etc.).

      • If the contract is taken, it must be fulfilled in 24 hours. If the contract got cancelled, it does not matter, manually or after deadline, you will have to pay with your reputation in the Guild.

      • If you are not satisfied with the contract - do not accept it, return to the Manager after 24 hours, he will have a new contract for you.

      • For successful fulfilment of contracts you will receive reputation points in the Mercenary Guild, with the accumulation of a certain amount of reputation you can reach the next level in the Guild, gaining access to more valuable contracts.
    • By Shadowstorm
      By performing actions useful to your race, you will receive social experience, thereby increasing your social level.
      Ways to get social experience:

      1. Delivery of building materials for the benefit to your race, resources go to the general race bank, access to the race bank has only the Race Leader (RL), you can’t get resources from it, you can only use it for buildings and city upgrades, the experience for resources goes 1 to 1 with the following bonuses.
      <5000 - 0% bonus
      5000-9999 - 3% bonus
      10000-49999 - 5% bonus
      50000-99999 - 7% bonus
      >100000 - 10% bonus

      2. Participation in siege actions (capturing or defending outposts, towns, castles, villages)
      3. Repairing buildings (1-3 experience per hit)
      Social Ranks

      The system has 80 levels. By increasing the level, the character moves through the ranks.

      0-9 Peasant
      10-19 Townee
      20-29 Townsman
      30-39 Citizen
      40-45 Honorable Citizen

      46-55 Senator
      56-65 Chancellor
      65-75 Duke
      76-80 Lord

      For each level you get 1 point that you can spend on learning social skills. For simple levels (1-45) you get simple points that you can spend on ordinary skills.

      For noble levels you get noble points that you can spend on learning elite skills.

      There are several rules for learning skills:
      Simple skills can be learned without any restrictions, each level of a simple skill costs 1 point. There are 12 simple skills, each skill has 5 levels, i.e. it takes 60 points to learn them all. However, you can get a maximum of 45 points to learn these skills, so you have to think about what you need more. Lateral elite skills have 5 levels. Each level costs 2 noble points. For learning the central elite skills, you need to learn the corresponding lateral skills to 5th level (left for the Blessing of the Lord and right for the Curse of the Lord) Unlike all other social skills, the central elites are active. They have only 1 level and cost 5 noble points. Since it is necessary to spend 25 noble points to learn central skill (20 for 2 lateral skills and 5 for the central skill itself) you cannot learn both, because a character can only get 35 noble points. If you are not satisfied with the learned skills, you can always reset them. This can be done by paying gold or thalers. The cost of resetting skills depends on your social level. The higher it is, the more expensive reset will be. Also, when resetting skills for gold, your social level will be reduced by 1.
    • By Shadowstorm
      In total there are 3 specializations for mastering.
      - Grinder
      - Legionnaire
      - Avenger


      Each has 80 levels to learn.
      Every specialization has 10 unique skills, each has 5 levels and costs 4 points to learn.
      Grinder - The Grinder specialization is intended for adventurers, eager to meet the most diverse monsters of the PentaWar world, to study them and become the best hunter! By choosing this specialization, you will have to face the most ferocious and cunning inhabitants of this world.
      When completing assignments, as reward you will receive experience, points of this specialization and the "Hunter's Salary" for which you can buy unique goods from the NPC "Elite Hunter".
      When you reach a new level, you earn specialization points that you can spend on learning skills.
      .grind - this command allows you to take the Hunter's assignment, to destroy certain monsters, for the fulfilment of which, you will improve your level of specialization and receive reward in a form of "Hunter's Salary". Action "Grinder's Quest" is also available in the "Actions" tab (ALT + C).

      Legionnaire - Having embarked on the path of the Legionnaire, your main tasks in the war and in improving specialization will be: Capturing enemy territory and protecting your own. Improve this specialization and your battle skills in the enemy’s territory, as well as defense skills in your own territory, will become many times better.
      By learning the skills of this specialization, you will receive more Social experience, clan reputation and tokens.
      When capturing enemies' Outposts, Towns, Villages, Castles you will receive experience of this specialization and additionaly regular experience and skill points.
      Avenger - The Avenger is a threat for all the inhabitants of the world of Thorne, which inspires awe and terror to the players who dared to challenge him. As the specialization improves in the battle, between players, your combat skills will become more dangerous.
      The skills of this specialization will allow you to win even in unequal battles.
      In battles against other players, when you defeat them, you will gain experience in this specialization.
      An additional feature of this specialization, is gaining the regular experience and skill points when killing opponents from other races.
      A list of all specializations' skills can be found in the database.;type=sp
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